Serdi 80

Serdi 80

Most advanced valve seat and guide system for larger capacity cylinder heads. World best valve seating and inserting system. Multi-angle seat finishing. Counter seat counter boring. Valve guide reaming.

Cylinder Head Pressure Testing

We have two machines – PT120 and PT275. These are capable of offering fast and efficient pressure testing for crack and porosity detection.

PT 120 – a high pressure and temperature system.

PT 275 – an extreme high pressure and cold water system.

Serdi Millenium 30 Valve Seating System

Serdi Millenium 3.0 Serdi Millenium 3.0 Serdi Millenium 3.0

Worlds best performance machine tool specially designed for multi valve cylinder heads. Features world’s most productive and accurate work head with proven automatic centering system.

Berco Line Borer

Berco Line Borer

Used for re-machining damaged and misaligned camshaft and main tunnel on both cylinder heads and blocks.

Berco Cylinder Boring & Sleeving Machine

We offer precision boring, parallel and square to the crankshaft axis on both 60 and 90 degree blocks. Block Sonic Testing also available.

Hines Engine Balancing Machine


State of the art Balancing Machine for all your performance requirements

  • Capable of heavy metal analysis
  • Multi hole corrections/weight removal
  • Single/2 plane balancing capabilities
  • Add/remove mode calculations

Performance/Race Engine Work

  • Balancing rotational and heavy metal
  • Torque plate honing
  • Stroker kits LS1, 2, 3
  • Dial in cam sets, comp ratio
  • Full engine assembly available

Rottler Honing Machine

Block honed to give the correct surface finish for maximum oil control and piston ring sealing. Infinite stroke control creates a finely tuned cycle that controls and selects the correct crosshatched angle. Torque plate honing also available.